Janieta Eyre's photographs remind me of my own indelible dreams, the ones so startling I remember them. But these pictures, along with the poems and texts that accompany them, also serve as an uncanny narrative of the fetters of femininity dragged from one age into another. Once you begin to look at these powerful images, it is hard to look away.    

Siri Hustvedt author of What I loved

Incarnations showcases twenty years of Eyre's uniquely performative portraits deconstructing what it means to be a thinker, woman, and subject.Incarnations is the first collection to make accessible a representative body of work by one of Canada's most original, provocative, and internationally acclaimed photographers. Spanning the artist's seven major series dating from 1993 to 2013, Incarnations showcases and celebrates the theatricality and carnivalesque abandon that has become the hallmark of Eyre's portraits. With contributions from renowned Canadian poets, playwrights, and novelists including Christian Bök, Lynn Crosbie, and RM Vaughan, as well as the Chicago Tribune's Lori Waxman, Incarnations highlights the ways, as James D. Campbell writes, ‘[Eyre] stops us in our tracks at every juncture with the stark, hallucinatory clarity of her visual language.’

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