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Artist statement #1


I was a Siamese twin at birth.  My sister Sarah died during the 43 hour surgery that separated us.  Much of my work concerns itself with the phantom sensations that have remained with me since our separation.



Artist statement #2


My childhood memories are as vivid and peculiar as photographs -  they are lit crudely with a flash and are oddly discontinuous – as an adult I no longer know if I have genuine memories or if all I really possess is what I’ve elaborated from my parents’ arbitrary documentation of my infancy.



Artist statement #3


Right know my work involves the accumulation of impossible memories: an increasingly deliberate and meticulous documenting of an unreality.  While discarding my everyday life, I document an invisible one… and so begin to construct an autobiography that depends less on reality than possibility.  I hope ultimately for a collection of images that will make my past as unlikely as fiction.



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